About Me

About Bibliotekit:

Bibliotekit was started in February 2012, after I bombarded my personal blog with one too many book rambles and decided it was time to give those rambles a home of their own. I read most contemporary adult and YA novels, as well as crime novels, but I have dabbled in travel books, music biographies and fantasy series too...

About Kit:

I currently live in a big city in the UK, where I am finishing my PhD, teaching English and working for a University Careers Service. In between all of these things, I like to make things out of Lego and am attempting to perfect the World's Most Awesome Enchilada. I spend a lot of times on trains (bonus reading time) and surreptitiously quote Frasier more than I probably should.

This is me with Tapi, hunter cat and survivalist extraordinaire. (In this instance I am computer-generated. Tapi is not.) She belongs to The Boy, who sometimes gets an occasional mention.

You can find me on Goodreads and on Twitter - don't be afraid to say hi!