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Review: Luuurve is a Many Trousered Thing, Louise Rennison

Luuurve is a Many Trousered Thing (Georgia Nicolson #8)

Louise Rennison

Harper Collins Children's, 2007


Sound the Cosmic Horn! Georgia Nicolson’s 8th book of confessions is here!

The original Sex God has re-landed, Masimo the Italian Stallion wants to be her boyfriend, and Dave the Laugh is still a regular snoggee. How will Georgia cope juggling all three boys? Have her days on the rack of love really gone for good? Surely not!
Georgia never fails to disappoint, whether she's falling into bushes running away from boys, or forced to go on a camping trip in a sensible anorak with her shorts-wearing German teacher. In LiaMTT, Georgia's main issue is that she's suddenly got Too Many Boys Sex Gods to deal with, in the shape of Italian Luuurve God Masimo and the Original Sex God, Robbie, who's back from Kiwi-a-go-go-land (New Zealand) and sending Georgia some very mixed signals.

There's also Dave the Laugh, perennial background character to Georgia's mad antics and boy troubles, but Georgia doesn't care, because Dave the Laugh is Just A Mate. Even if she does find herself thinking about him in the bath.

This is the most recent Georgia book I've read so far, and it wasn't quite as laugh-out-loud funny as some of the other ones - it focused more on Georgia wondering which of the boys she liked better (and trying to find out which of them, if any, liked her the most), and a bit less on the Ace Gang than in some of the earlier books. But Georgia's family were still there doing daft things and making her life slightly more unpredictable (and, for Georgia, unbearable), which is one of the elements of these books I enjoy the most.

As ever, there were lots of funny lines and Georgia's way of describing things always makes me laugh - "Jas got into her Huffmobile" might have been my favourite from this one. I'm glad Georgia finally seemed to come to her senses at the end of this book, although there's time for everything to get messed up again, I'm sure...

Overall rating: 6/10

Book source: Borrowed from the library.


  1. Georgia! This has made me want to re-read the series :) I don't think this was as much fun because of what you mentioned, it was a lot of Georgia trying to decide but the lingo and her antics are always fun :)

    1. Yeah, this wasn't quite as sparkly as some of the others, but it was fab to drop in with Georgia again!

  2. This sounds like a read that would make your belly ache from all the laughing. I love reads like that! Great review. I'll have to pick this up sometime, Kit. :)


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