Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Potter Redux: The Harry Potter Reread 2013

Ever since visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour a few weeks ago, I've been itching to get back into the wizarding world. My housemate and I watched a handful of the HP films before we visited the Warner Bros. studios, and although I don't mind the films, they generally make me want to dig out the books again and really immerse myself in the Hogwarts experience.

So... after raiding my mum's loft and finding mine and my brother's copies of the books, I have dragged them all the way back to Birmingham and have set about reading them from the beginning again. I won't be posting reviews as such, because I've read some of them four or five times before (certainly the earlier books), but I will be posting my thoughts, favourite quotes and anything that I've noticed or particularly enjoyed the second third fourth time around...

Feel free to join in or just leave a comment telling me what you liked most/least about each of the books, and at the end of the reread (which I imagine will run up to the end of the summer, if summer indeed ever starts) I'll do some round up posts and maybe finally have a chat about why McGonagall is the shiz.


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