Friday, 25 May 2012

Fangirl Five Friday

Fangirl Five Friday is hosted by the awesome EvilEva over at Nancy Drew Is My Homegirl. After a rather hectic week and a half, I thought I'd put the time before settling down to watch Have I Got News For You (with guest host William Shatner!) and embark on a list of things that are floating my boat this week!

1. Katzenjammer

I think I've spoken about this band here before, but I went to see them play in Birmingham last weekend, and they were amazing. These four Norwegian women play a whole range of instruments (often switching instruments and places during the set) and they make noise that ranges from Balkan-inspired gypsy punk to folk to pop and back again. I think they're awesome. :) Here is a video of the gig I was at:

2. Eurovision

Tomorrow is the Eurovision Song Contest, otherwise known as the tackiest, cheesiest, most musically suspect night of the year. And I love it. My friends and I are having a Eurovision gathering, involving pizza, some newly discovered vegetarian jelly beans, and a lot of alcohol. I am looking forward to Graham Norton's snarky commentary most of all. (Last year, my favourites were Bosnia-Herzegovina. I'm excited to see what madness our European neighbours field this year.)

3. E. Lockhart

Back to books briefly... I have read the first two Ruby Oliver books, and I just today finished another of her books, Fly On The Wall. It was a short book with an odd concept that just... worked, somehow. I love her characters, and I'm excited to read more!

4. The Bridge

I know I have definitely mentioned The Bridge before, but I just watched the final two episodes last night and... wow. A lot of reviews of this show have been dogged by the "it's not as good as The Killing" line, but I think it has a lot of charm in its own right. I love Martin and (especially) Saga, the two main characters, and the last episode, especially the final fifteen minutes, was edge-of-the-seat, heart-in-mouth (and eventually heart-breaking) stuff.

5. Skindred

A favourite band of mine, who I just found out are playing on the second stage at Hard Rock Calling, the same day that I am there seeing Soundgarden!

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