Friday, 12 July 2013

#CatchUpClub - Cinder / Scarlet

Hey guys! You may have seen me tweeting about this, but if not - welcome to the first edition of the #CatchUpClub!

During last week's #bookishparty on Twitter, I got chatting to four lovely bloggers - Dianne, Yasmine, Jessica and Emily. Between us, we realised that there are an awful lot of YA books that everyone else has been raving about that we just haven't got around to reading, and we felt a little bit out of the loop! So #CatchUpClub was born as a way of banding together to read some of those books. First on our list is Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles series.

You can find out more on Emily's blog, where you can also sign up to our linky and let us know you're joining in! I will be reading Scarlet, the second book in the Lunar Chronicles series, as I read Cinder a while ago.

If you have suggestions for any further books you think we should read as part of #CatchUpClub, leave us a comment or tweet at us using the hashtag! (We're so 21st century.)


  1. I love this idea! I have so many books that I feel like everyone else has read! Enjoy Scarlet :)

  2. This is a great idea! Scarlet was definitely my fave of the two (two words: Thorne and Wolf!) Hope you enjoy it, Kit!

  3. I still have to read both of these! lol I have copies at least, just need the time. :)


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