Saturday, 21 July 2012

Bookshelf tour, or how to build a fort out of books

About a month ago, Vicky posted a "bookshelf tour" on Books, Biscuits and Tea, and I thought it seemed like a fun idea. I am endlessly nosy when it comes to other people's bookshelves! Where I live currently, I don't have a lot of shelf space (I share a house with two other people and I have the smaller room), hence the precarious piles of books everywhere.

The left hand side of my shelf houses my academic books, as well as my huge Oxford English Dictionary, which I love. A lot of these are books from the university library, although some of them are mine. I am currently reviewing American Cinema of the 2000s for the journal I work on. The orange-spined book, Bringing Up Daddy, is what kicked off my thesis all those years ago.

And yes, that's a lot of Freud. Argh.

Here are some more of my academic books, plus my current TBR pile! The Agatha Christie (Death in the Clouds) and M. C. Beaton are my latest acquisitions from the library. Losing It was part of a book swap with Mandee, Twisted was an Oxfam find, and the Terry Pratchett I borrowed from a friend's dad. I received The Art of Fielding for my birthday, and I am dying to read it! And That's When It Fell Off In My Hand I found for 79p in Oxfam a while ago, and the Babysitter's Club Guide was my mystery gift from last week.

Those are my brother's Song of Ice and Fire books, which I really need to give back at some point... ;)

This last stack is mostly things I've read in the last year, apart from The Sisters Brothers, which my dad lent me and I still need to read. I brought The Virgin Suicides and American Youth from home, as well as Elvis, Jesus and Coca-Cola, last time I visited, with a vague idea that I might re-read them at some point! The turquoise book next to Stargirl is my friend Matt's MG/children's novel, Twin Spirit. (You can also see my wristband from Bilbao 2010 and the loose end of my Isle of Wight wristband in this photo, plus my LUAS pass and zoo ticket from Dublin.)

Thanks for inspiration Vicky!


  1. The Wee Free men is one of the cuter Disc World books, Tiffany Aching's got to be the cutest witch. I haven't read many of the others though! just goes to show that we can read and read and read, and there'll still be a ton we've never come across. I love the Song of Ice and Fire books, which I always refer to wrongly as Game of Thrones series.

    1. Ha, I'm always forgetting and saying "Game of Thrones", particularly when I've been watching the TV series! This is only my second Discworld book, but I enjoyed the first one I read (Equal Rites), and I'm hoping this one is good too!

  2. What a great post! Thanks for the shoutout Katie, I really appreciate it :) I'm actually doing another bookshelf tour -hopefully- next week - I mentioned in my post that I basically run out of shelf space. Well, I managed to re-organise my bookcase and it looks much better (and I have a lot more space now!).

    I love the fact that you also have an 'academic books' corner! :D I'm the same!

    1. Awesome! I love seeing how people organise their books. Glad you managed to make some more room! One day I dream of having wall-to-wall books... :)

    2. Me too! :) It sucks living in a small flat but I'm moving in with a friend of mine at the end of next year and I'm terrified because I don't know how much room I'll have for my books :(


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