Saturday, 28 July 2012

Monster bookmarks!

A couple of weeks ago, EvilEva at Nancy Drew Is My Homegirl posted in her Fangirl Five Friday series about this monster bookmark craft project, from Tally's Treasury:

Monster bookmarks: courtesy of Tally's Treasury
I am notoriously bad at anything arts and crafts. If there is paint to be spilled, I will spill it. If there are lines to colour outside of, chances are I have already done it. But when I read the instructions for this, I thought maybe I would have a go and see how it went.

Now I have lots of little monsters of my own!

There were a couple more originally, but I have given them to friends. The duck one was a prototype, to see if I could make it work, which is why it's not exactly monster-shaped. :) I didn't use cardstock, so they're not quite as robust as they could be, but I'm still quite excited by them. (They are mostly made out of pages of Amnesty International magazine, New Internationalist, a restaurant catalogue we got through the door, and some stickers I found.) Bonus: they're very relaxing to make!


  1. Wow! These look great <3 Super job. I should do something arts and crafty; used to love it and it is kind of Zen to do :-)

  2. They look fantastic! I really like crafty things like this but I hardly ever get around to making them. I saw this cool video on how to make an origami cat book mark but I failed!

  3. Oh I love this idea!! So cute! xx

  4. Thanks guys! :) I think this is about the limit of my arts and craftiness... anything more advanced than a glue stick, and I am in trouble!

  5. These are so darn cute. Very crafty :)

  6. wow, these are so cute.
    I want some too :)))


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